ZFA New York

The Zionist Freedom Alliance (ZFA) is a grassroots initiative and the only student organization asserting Israel’s national rights. Sensing a void in the contemporary public discourse, ZFA serves as the student voice of Jewish liberation and the fulfillment of Israel’s national aspirations.

ZFA champions Israel’s national rights and adheres to the vision of Revolutionary Zionism, combining a faithful adherence to Jewish national aspirations with a steadfast commitment to social justice within society.

ZFA participates in the struggle for Israel’s freedom through public education, leadership training, experiential programs, special events, community involvement and protest campaigns.

Covenant of Freedom

We, the Zionist Freedom Alliance, declare for all our people and the world to know:

That the Hebrew nation is a proud and ancient Middle Eastern nation deserving of freedom, tranquility and self determination within the borders of our ancestral homeland;

That Zionism is the national liberation movement of the ancient Hebrew nation, born when the Roman Empire invaded our country, destroyed our Temple, uprooted us from our soil and exiled us from our land. Political Zionism is the external manifestation of our people’s ancient spiritual yearnings and the latter is the light and soul of the former;

That Zionism is a revolution unparalleled by any other in history as no other social, economic or political upheaval has ever attempted to ingather a scattered nation from the ends of the earth, revive a dead language to everyday use and liberate a homeland from under a mighty world empire while at the same time attempting to build a moral society that will set an example of justice and morality for mankind;

That our people were the victims of an historic injustice when we were robbed of our right to land, liberty and peace by Roman imperialists nearly 2,000 ago. This injustice was compounded by a series of atrocities that befell us in the exile and climaxed with a Holocaust that destroyed an entire third of our nation;

That it is by the might of right and not the right of might that the Hebrew nation has returned to our borders and reestablished our national framework therein. The entire territory between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea belongs rightfully and solely to the Hebrew nation. No foreign ruler can justly claim ownership over our people’s ancestral homeland;

That although our people have succeeded in returning to our borders after a long and brutal exile and liberating our homeland from British rule, the imperialist powers continue their attempts to wrest portions of our country from us;

And therefore, we, the Zionist Freedom Alliance, activists from various political and religious backgrounds united in the struggle for historic justice and freedom for our people, adopt this Covenant of Freedom;

And we dedicate ourselves to strive together, sparing neither strength nor courage, until our people achieves full national independence, freedom from foreign influences and full sovereignty in the entire territory between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea.


The entire Jewish people are indigenous to the Middle East regardless of where individual Jews may have wandered during the past 2,000 years. It was in the Middle East that our nation was forged, emerged from slavery and possessed sovereignty over our homeland. The fact that Jews eventually came to drift and live in other parts of the world was only the result of a crime perpetrated against us by foreign imperialists who invaded our country and exiled us from our land;

The Jewish people are a Semitic people (as are Arabs and other indigenous natives to the Middle East). A prerequisite to achieving peace in our region is the Jewish people returning to our Semitic Middle Eastern heritage. Having pride in our authentic Hebrew culture and distancing ourselves from the West and its values will help us to build bridges with the other peoples of the region;

Westernization is one of the leading threats to the Jewish people and State of Israel today. The fact that so many of our youth have been conditioned to see themselves as Westerners and identify with the values and culture of the West is a national tragedy for the Jewish people. In addition to fostering animosity between Jews and our Arab cousins, westernization has brought assimilation to Israel and weakened the morale of many young Jews susceptible to foreign influences;

The right of our people to the Land of Israel is based firmly on the fact that our people are from the Land of Israel, ruled over the Land of Israel in ancient times and continued to yearn and pray for the Land of Israel even while in exile. The Land of Israel is the only place on earth where the national destiny of the Jewish people can unfold. Jewish history will progress with a focus on the Hebrew nation in our borders. Any Jew wishing to be part of our people’s national destiny will make a decision to return home to our country.


The last legally binding document pertaining to the borders of the Jewish state in our people’s homeland is the League of Nations San Remo Conference’s ratification of the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which not only recognizes the national rights of our people to sovereignty over our country but also defines our borders and calls for the reestablishment of a Hebrew political entity therein;

This document does not grant our people a right to our homeland but merely recognizes that historic right and codifies it into international law. Our right to our country transcends the machinations of imperialist powers and their laws and is not dependent upon the acknowledgement or recognition of other peoples;

Judea, Samaria and the Gaza region do not belong to any other sovereign state but are part of the former British Mandate for Palestine and therefore fall legitimately within the State of Israel’s jurisdiction. These lands were “occupied territories” before 1967 and the “occupying powers” had been Jordan and Egypt. Jews have lived in Judea, Samaria and Gaza since ancient times. What many now refer to as the “West Bank” has been the cradle of Hebrew civilization for over 3,000 years;

There is no nation in existence other than the Jewish nation with a legitimate claim to sovereignty over the Land of Israel. From the time that we were exiled from our soil by the Romans until we returned and liberated our country from British rule, no other indigenous people has had an independent political entity within our borders. Our country was ruled by a series of foreign empires for nearly 2,000 years until we successfully freed it from British occupation;

Like all other nations, the Jewish nation has a right to self determination in our native land. Any attempt to deny or rob us of our rights to any part of our ancestral homeland is an act of aggression and injustice against our people. We must employ all of our strength and valor to resist attempts by foreign powers to deprive us of what is rightfully ours.


Zionism is the original national liberation movement. Its early expressions appeared among the Hebrew slaves of Egypt, the early judges and kings of Israel and the Judean freedom fighters under the Hasmonean priests and Sicarii zealots;

No other liberation movement has ever achieved the beauty and scope of the Zionist Revolution. The spectacle of a nation with as long and colorful a history as the Jewish people retuning after nearly 2,000 years of exile to our ancestral homeland and ancient language remains unequalled in the annals of human history;

From the failure of the Bar Kochba revolt against Rome to the establishment of Binyamin Zev Herzl’s political movement, Zionism had been expressed in an abstract spiritual form through our national hopes, personal prayers and collective yearnings for a return to the Land of Israel;

Although there has always been a continuous Jewish presence in the Land of Israel, Zionism did not return to a nationalist political expression until the mass return of Jewish exiles to our homeland. Once the ingathering of the exiles was underway, a new generation of Hebrew rebels arose to liberate the Land of Israel from British rule;

The State of Israel came into being primarily through the efforts of the Hebrew underground, first the Lohamei Herut Yisrael (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) and later also the Irgun Zvai Leumi (National Military Organization), who waged a relentless war for freedom against British imperialism in the Middle East;

The Zionist Revolution did not achieve total victory with the reestablishment of a Hebrew state in the Land of Israel. The State of Israel serves as the first flowering of our people’s redemption and should be viewed as a tool with which to achieve total liberation;

The fronts of the Zionist Revolution today include the struggle against poverty and injustice in Israeli society, the struggle against corruption in our political system, the struggle to keep the Land of Israel free from foreign rule, the struggle against Westernization in the Middle East and the struggle for the Jewish character of the State of Israel;

In its purist form as a national liberation movement, the Zionist Revolution rejects the linear political spectrum. Distinctions between Left and Right, like so many other cultural, economic and ethnic distinctions within our society, are a distraction from the true struggle for Hebrew liberation. The Zionist Revolution stands on the pillars of Jewish unity, social justice and the territorial integrity of the Land of Israel;

In addition to resisting constant efforts by the imperialist powers to shrink Israel’s borders, the Zionist Revolution aims to establish a social order founded on the morality and justice of the Prophets where no man will go hungry or unemployed and all live in amity, mutual respect and friendship, setting a utopian example to the whole of mankind.

For the Jewish people to achieve complete national liberation, Zionism must now solve the Middle East conflict and bring the State of Israel towards political independence:


The Hebrew and Arab nations are both indigenous to the Middle East, descendents of Abraham and share a great deal in common. Our peoples enjoyed relatively good relations until British imperialists – employing their colonial policy of “divide and rule” – incited local Arabs against our liberation movement and encouraged them to violently attack our people;

The Middle East conflict is not between Jews and Arabs or democracy and terrorism but rather between the indigenous natives of our region and foreign powers that exploit, arm and fund Jews and Arabs while pushing us towards war and trying to impose superficial diplomatic initiatives from above. The political and economic elites of imperial powers have an interest in provoking regional conflicts and providing artificial solutions that ultimately further inflame the situation;

“Peace” has become a cynical tool in recent decades for Western governments and multi-national organizations who seek to shrink and weaken the State of Israel. The United States, European Union, World Bank, United Nations and international media all have a hand in exacerbating the Middle East conflict while each pushing their own imperialist agenda for the region;

While there has yet to be a serious and objective historical analysis of the claims that “Palestinian” Arabs constitute a distinct national group, there is overwhelming evidence that the notion of such a people was invented as a propaganda weapon to be used in the war against Zionism. In addition to behaving as puppet despots for foreign powers, the Western-backed Fatah leaders of the Palestinian Authority abuse and oppress their own people while relentlessly inciting them against the State of Israel. PA controlled schools and media outlets educate the Arab public towards anti-Jewish violence and any local Arab who publicly opposes the PA in its war to annihilate Israel is executed for the stated crime of treason (as is any Arab in Jerusalem, Judea or Samaria who even sells property to a Jew);

The Hebrew nation and local Arabs both deserve leadership that represents the interests of their peoples and not the interests of foreign governments. The conflict cannot be resolved until Jewish and Arab leaders become accountable to the people they are supposed to represent;

True peace must be based on historic justice and can only be achieved from the bottom up – when the Jew and Arab on the grassroots level come together in an attempt to nurture genuine understanding and mutual friendship. This can only occur when the Western powers agree to leave our region alone and allow the indigenous peoples to settle our differences locally.


The root cause of most challenges confronting the State of Israel is that the state itself does not enjoy complete political independence;

While the State of Israel should strive to maintain good relations with all other nations, we must be careful not to become too close to any one ally;

A country cannot be politically independent while at the same time being financially dependent on a foreign power. United States foreign aid has been a disaster for the State of Israel, delaying sound economic reforms and encouraging wastefulness. US military aid is really just a form of corporate welfare as much of the money must be spent on products made by American corporations;

Only people with a superficial attachment to the State of Israel could defend a situation where our government depends on over $2 billion in American aid each year. A true supporter of the Jewish state would want the US to extend the same honest friendship to Israel that Thomas Jefferson and the American founding fathers urged their people to offer all nations. True friendship does not include foreign aid – not to Israel nor to our potential enemies in the Middle East (which taken together receive significantly more money from the US than Israel). Providing money and arms to both the Jewish state and our potential enemies in the region fosters the suspicion that the American government is not a true friend but rather a foreign power hypocritically hedging its bets in the Middle East;

Foreign aid has helped the United States government to continuously infringe on Israel’s national sovereignty. Successive US administrations have placed heavy pressure on our leadership to comply with America’s policy agenda for the Middle East – an agenda that often places Israel in positions of weakness vis-à-vis our neighbors. Using the aid as diplomatic leverage, American officials have succeeded in removing some Israeli leaders from power and pressuring others to oppress our people, forcibly expel citizens from their homes and shrink the country’s borders;

In recent years, Israeli prime ministers have begun to view themselves as vassal governors for a foreign power rather than as the heads of an independent state. Instead of acting in the national interest of our people, these leaders often seek American approval for necessary military actions and peace talks with neighboring states. This directly contradicts the essence of Zionism, which states that the Jewish people are responsible for our own national destiny;

US foreign aid has been the leading factor in eroding the State of Israel’s sovereignty in recent years and when the flow of aid is finally stopped, Israel will once again become an independent country capable of securing the Jewish people’s future in our ancestral homeland.

Let all Hebrews who love their people and their country now say, as we say here: